Another Reason I Can’tListen to Rap

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Paris Hilton???Fightin??? Over Me??? feat. Jadakiss & Fat Joe

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rap is officially over. I know that Paris Hilton was putting out an album. But this? Seriously, this??

When is this ho’s 5 minutes of fame gonna dry up? Damn. I mean, I don’tlike Brittney Spears but at least was famous for having a quasi-decent singing career. This chick is famous for…?

I think I’m gonna boycott Hilton hotels.

Anyway, I’m sure that This reminds me of the Papoose collaboration with that chick Jeanie Ortega. I don’tthink these artists want to do these collabs, but they’re being forced by their record companies and their idea of synergy.

It makes sense. Rap artists want to keep their name up in the suburbs (who generate the most $$$ for them anyway) and rising pop stars want instant street credibility. (Notice I didn’tsay, “street cred.” You have to at least venture into the ‘hood for that.)

Still, isn’tmaking music for the country club set going against the very nature of hip-hop?

  • Miss Hipstah

    Good lord. I had to stop that song because I realized that I can't get that time back. Ever.

    Doesn't she sound like a spoof of herself?

    Ugh…I need to clean my ears with bleach.

  • TJ

    I am a cowriter of the song “Fighting Over Me”. My husband and I vocally produced it as well, among other songs on Ms. Hilton's highly anticipated album. The thing is this, people are judging this woman without giving her a chance first, and in my opinion, that does not represent humanity. She happens to be the person that everyone loves to hate at the moment, and she realizes that, but at the same time I am sure that it's not a pleasant feeling to be hated for whom people perceive you to be. People are so judgemental and having had spent many of months with Paris, I have to say that you guys(the media) are big bullies. She's mad cool and more down to earth than most celebs that I have met and/or worked with. I am praying that this album will be succesful so that you all can stop sharpening the swords that sit in place of your tongues. I also hope that you all are hungry, because soon enough you will eat the words that you said. This album is blazin'. Stay tuned.