Andre 3000 is Rapping (Outkast – Mighty Oh)

“Mighty Oh”
from Idlewild Soundtrack? (via Nah Right)

Is it me, or did y’all get the shivers when you heard Andre rapping again? I mean, I know that he’s been rapping his whole career, but I was listening to The Love Below last week and figured the dude found his calling with pseudo-facet to crooning. I guess Hashim is happy. But I digress…

By now, you’ve heard this crappy radio leak of Outkast’s new track, “Mighty O.” It’s classic Dirty South Outkast, and their Cab Calloway styled chorus signals that this might be the first track off the much delayed Idlewild soundtrack.

The big rumor floating around is that Andre disses some famous ATL rapper. T.I. Cee Lo? Who knows. The radio rip is of poor quality that I can’teven hear the lyrics. I doubt that Andre has the time or the gall to diss someone. However, the dude has a lot of time and money on his hands, so its possible.