You Are Not Some Deep, Game Changing Artist…

by Rome

I just want to give a quick PSA to all frustrated rock stars and shy white girls. I understand you need a way to “vent” and “express yourself”, but can we save the failed attempts at coffee house stardom and backroads bar high life and not pick the an acoustic guitar? I definitely respect anybody who can really get down on an acousitc and twiddle those things something mean. Its a tuff instrument just to pick up and I respect that.

BUT…..there seems to be a music industry practice that frustrated former rock stars/boy band members/shy white girls turn to the acoustic guitar to find themselves. No people thats called growing up.

See I’m always seeing/hearing somebody on some street corner in their best John Mayer voice trying to do their best Mayer impersonation. STOP IT! Dudes at my high school (yes i said dudes) used the acousitc guitar strictly as a means to pick up women. I’m talking 3rd string fullbacks up to drama geeks cats.

Bottom line: If you pick up the acoustic guitar after the age of 10, do us all a favor and put it down.

Have a nice day.

  • Stone

    ha ha…true, but I would rather have them pick up a guitar than rap

  • muSIC

    WHAT THE? Do you mean if people start learning after 10 years of age they shouldn’t bother or if acoustics are for people under 10…

    OFFENDED totally been playing since I was 9, I love acoustic sounds. I don’t know where you get that from buddy.