Whatever Happened To……..Nappy Roots?

nappy roots.jpg

Nappy Roots“Rewind”
from DJ Envy – Purple Codeine 2

Are the Nappy Roots still reppin’ for Kentucky, or just Kentucky Fried Chicken?

I remember when I heard Nappy Root’s, “Awnaw,” on the radio. This was during that whole crunk invasion and at the time it was good to hear something from the South (is Kentucky the South?) that didn’tmake an attempt to blow your speakers.

Unlike the overly snyth hip-hop beats that were coming out of the Dirrrty at the time, Nappy Roots utilized a more bluesy, organic, production setup. Most people describe Nappy Roots as Outkast from Kentucky. Their major label debut was downright revolutionary, and the group was nominated for MTV Music Award, American Music Awards, and a Grammy.

Then, after all that fanfare, they released Wooden Leather. It was good….not as good as Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz, and their leadoff single was lacking. Still, the group kept the same formula as their previous effort (their first two albums weren’t as refined as their Atlantic debut), and Wooden Leather was good enough to go gold.

Still, after that, the group disappeared. Their Atlantic Records site is still up, but makes no mention of a new album, or any new production work. I don’t even know if they are still signed with Atlantic or not. If anyone has updates, let a brotha know.

Update: Okay, so I wrote this post about 3 months ago and it was never published. Little did I know that Nappy Roots appeared on a DJ Envy mixtape (which was sittin’ on my hard drive since this summer), with their track “Rewind”. Hot track. Download it.