Sy Smith Back Home in Body Language


Chanteuse Sy Smith is back in her native DC this weekend to perform in the musical Body Language. Here’s the play’s description:

Set in 1983 when Jehri curls were still in and cut off sweatshirts and leg warmers were just coming in, BODY LANGUAGE is about an aerobics instructor and her wanna-be actor boyfriend determined to stay together despite the odds. When Chuck has big news for Tina, she’s hoping he’s going to pop the question. Instead, his good tidings are bitter sweet. While Chuck has gotten his big break as a regular on a tv show, at the advice of those representing his “best interest”, he decides to leave Tina behind. Heartbroken, she must try to pick up and move on while he must try to forget and move on. The theme of the play is a line straight from Billy Dee Williams character Brian in “Mahagony”: “success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.” (All of the music in the story are the songs of Ms. Patti Labelle).

For a preview of the show, go to You can also get more info at the Warner Theatre.