Regular Guy Misogyny?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I don’tmean to do another post about Murs, but I came across this post on OKP that I just had to talk about.

Apparently, some chick is saying that Murs views on women are just as bad (or worse) than a video on BET Uncut. Her quote: “this ‘women didn’tlike me in high school cuz I was too smart and different for them’ thing might be more insidious than Jay Zs “Big Pimpin” because of how ordinary it’s making these opinions sound.”

I’ve heard this argument before, and I’m not surprised. The chicks who say this bull usually are the ones who wouldn’tget Murs the time of day at a club anyway. The fact that she thinks that a dude like Murs is more damaging than a dude like….lets say, Luke, says something about her personality and maybe even her self esteem. I’m sure she would be the first one on the dance floor if they played “Bitches ain’ t Shit!”

Now if ya don’tknow about Murs, peep his lyrics. He says that something to the effect that the only woman he loves is his mother, that women break is heart, give him no play, and that women don’tdate him because he’s “more Coldplay,” than most other street dudes out there. The dude could rap about skanks and hos, but nah…he keeps it real. I think a song like “Bitches ain’tShit,” is more should be damaging than anything that Murs (or Slug) says.

Women rant and rave all all the time about how they are disgusted at how they are treated in the music industry, but Murs wants to treat women like they want to be respected and he gets shafted for it. In the end, that’s not his problem. That’s society’s. What do y’all think?

  • Rox

    i see where she is coming from. women don't like men talking about their insecurities. its just not attractive. the fact that murs/slug don't say smack my bitch up dosent make their opinions right.

  • Stone

    Okay, so women don't like men talking about their insecurities, I'll give you that. But how is it MORE destructive then men calling them bitches and hos????

  • Jug59

    I mean shit of course murs isn???t going to be like booty butt booty butt cheeks he's an amazing emcee. He's just more articulate about his shit that don???t make it right.

    Murs over and over again generalizes women in his songs.

    Sure we are all products of the society we live in and were raised in. But that???s not an excuse.

    Our society has been telling me all my life with Music, Advertising, and Movies that women are objects but fuck that shit. I was raised thinking it was normal to beat women and treat them like shit. But I???ve come to the conclusion that shit is shallow and disempowering toward women.

    Props to the women that decided to say what was on her mind about murs' lyrics.