Ray LaMontagne covers “Crazy”

by Rome

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So way back when, I heard a song called “Trouble” by a singer named Ray LaMontagne. It sounded reminiscent of Sam Cooke or Crosby Stills and Nash. What he is is a folk singer who knows how to rock. I was in love…but I stupidly put listening to more of Ray on the backburner.

Now, not only was Ray’s song “Trouble” covered by American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks, but Ray has also come out with a cover all his own.

He covered Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

And you know what? It’s damn good.

Ray LaMontagne “Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)”

Big shout out and thanks to El Keter over at Click the link to read up more about Ray LaMontagne.

  • Jan Garcia

    Thanks for the post. Awesome cover by Ray.

  • Matt

    Why can’t I download?????

  • Roger

    That cover is fan-friggin-tastic. How can I purchase it to keep on my computer?

  • Grandenberg [DK]

    This is the greatest song i have head in many years ;) First time i head it, i was pretty drunk, so it was the felling i had forgotten i had in me. When i listen too a song like this…. It touches your soul and heart in a funny way… And this is a song who are so good in original, and never ekspekted it to be overruled…. BUT IT DID… Ray LaMontagne covers “Crazy” I LIKE A LOT ;)
    RG. from Denmark – Anders aka. Grandenberg

  • nanna

    I heard this song in the radio the other day, and just felt like sitting down and listen.. it is so amazing, what a voice. Normally i dont like cover’s but this one i actually like better than the original. I could not find the song on any playlists and i could not remember Rays name.. so here -finally i found it :)

  • Eduard

    I had the same experience with Ray and then today I heard crazy………..and s..k me sideways, this oke is awesome..thanks for the mp3

  • ringo

    Ray knocked “crazy” out of the park! 10 times better than charles…i mean gnarls.

  • Kitten

    Thank you..I have been going crazy looking for this awesome song. Words do not even begin to touch on LaMontagne’s talent.

  • Loren

    What album is it on?

  • stephatto

    Love it!!!! Thanks.

  • Kevin

    Every once in awhile, there’s a song that sinks in and lingers. Ol’ Gnarls can’t even get it done this well. OUTSTANDING! Thanks Siruis “Coffehouse, channel 30″ for bringing this one into my life.

  • Larry

    Wow, that was fantastic! I saw in November in Vancouver and the show was brilliant. His opening act was pretty cool as well but I can’t remember the kid’s name…anyone?

  • chelsea

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • courtney

    God bless you for providing that mp3… if I could pay you for it I would… it’s worth every penny

  • Karen

    What a great version of Crazy!! I just love Ray’s soulful voice. I am definitely addicted.

  • Dave

    I’m digging it!

  • chantal

    wow!! this cover absolutely blew me away. his is to die for. thank you for this. it is currently on repeat, and has been for the past 2 hours. : )

  • SleepingIn

    This is a cool version, but saying that Gnarles Barkley cant even do it this well is… well, crazy. Don’get me wrong, id listen to Ray over Gnarles any day of the week, but….

    Doesn’t anyone remember the slow version Gnarles did of this at the Grammys?

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