New Music: Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads


Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald“Just”
from Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads (BBE/Rapster)

Remember when we posted that Bilal/Radiohead track a few months ago? Well, the BBE compilation just dropped that features not only Bilal, but other neo-soul artists like Meshell Ndegeochello, Platinum Pied Pipers, Sa-Ra, and RJD2. It’s called Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads, and I don’thave my hands on this yet, but from the album previews, the ish sounds like its fire.

The album reworks such Radiohead songs as “The National Anthem,” “Karma Police,” “High and Dry,” and “Morning Bell.” Radiohead is probably one of the most complex bands out there so I'm surprised that they pulled this ish off and made it still sound fresh and original.

Check out full album previews at the Rapster Records site. My opinion: Cop it.

“Exit” – (Quicktime, right click to download)