More Than Music


So after a 4-5 month search, this past Friday I was finally able to pick up Behind the Beat. Now this isn’ta book detailing the beat making process nor does it have deep, entrenching stories about how certain songs were created. This is a picture book for studio/producer nerds such as myself. I'm happy.

The home studios of producers ranges from Dilla (R.I.P.) and Dan the Automator out west to DJ Spinna and tons of cats on the east coast. Not just limited to the good ol USA, Behind the Beat also features the home studios of producers in the United Kingdom and Austrailia as well.

This serves as inspiration: to see how some cats have next to nothing to make beats and to get conformation its more about what you do with what you have than having every piece of equipment that guitar center has for sale. This also is a good look for the coffee table, as it sparked discussion this weekend when I had guests over about all things production.

Bottom line: COP it.