Lift Up the Doors Open Trunk, Open Hood


I see that these buls already covered it, but I'ma give y'all the uncut raw.

Honestly this jawn is cool. Like I’ll definitely bump it for a minute, bump it basically highlights dudes ability (or inability) to flow. That is clearly the area that P needs to work on the most. Dude definitely has some slick lines and uses charm to get by so he wins there, but he almost has that Kweli syndrome of trying to fit as many words into a bar as possible.

The RE-Up gang is on here as well and they are cool, but don’tspit that anything phenomenal, but its a good look. The beat selection here is damn good. Everything from RZA beats to West Coast classics is rocked without any problem. Dude is definitely a fan of the music and his selection here shows.

Basically if you can’tfind this in your local barbershop don’ttrip cuz I'm sure the album is right about the corner, but if you can give it a listen. I’ll be skating down U St. listening to it.