K’naan and Manager Arrested in Sweden

news763_2.jpgIf ya’ll don’tknow, K’naan is one of the hottest rappers out of Canada right now. The dude actually hails from Somalia, and recently picked up a Juno award (Canadian Grammy) for best rap performance.

The rapper is touring Europe, opening up for Damian Marley. After a show in Sweeden, the rapper and his manager, Sol Guy, were kicked out of the backstage area of the Tradgarn venue by security. When his manager told them that they group still had equiptment in the venue and attempted to get back in, security proceeded to beat and kick the manager in the venue’s kitchen, while K’naan was held back by security. Once the police were called, Guy was promptly arrested, strip search, and held for 6 hours before being released.

I can’t comment on Sweeden, a poster on OKP says the venue and the area has had some longstanding racial problems. I wouldn’tdoubt it, because most of Europe is worse than Mississippi these days. This does have the markings of a “FUCK THE POLICE” situation, and there are a couple petitions on the internets urging artists and managers to boycott the venue.