Gnarls Barkley

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Video is from the GB Top of the Pop’s performance. Sorta brokeback (Navy uniforms?), but interesting nonetheless. (via Prefix)

I’m with Funkdigi. I thought that the leaked tracks on the Promotional EP were better than the actual whole album. However, there is one exception: The ending track, “Last Time,” is off the hook and will be on constant repeat.

It does seems like “Crazy” is getting the “Hey Ya” treatment this summer, which means that I will kill myself everytime the song will gets played on Hot 99.5. Saw the video on MTV2 (I thought for a minute there that they would devolve from their “All Crunk All the Time Format,” but they played a Field Mob video right after the Gnarls), and didn’tthink it was that impressive. Still…

The 8 tracks I like on Gnarls Barkley > Better than most music today.

I gave up on most music in 2006 until I heard this album. Ya’ll can seriosly keep your T.I. and Ghostface records and call me a backpacker all you want. I’ll still call Dangermouse one of the hottest producers of our generation. Yeah, I said it.