Did Mark Ecko Tag Air Force One?

by Winston "Stone" Ford


For some reason, I can’tbelieve this. Interesting video, but I wouldn’tdoubt it this was done in some sound stage and the “Air Force One,” was the one that they used for that Harrison Ford movie. I’m sure that Mark Ecko would’ve been sent to Guantanamo already if he pulled this off, ya know?

If this ish is true, then more power to him. BOMB THE SYSTEM! Video after the jump. (from via Metroblogging)

Update: So we all know that this thing was fake. But the movie was so real that the Air Force had to double check the real Air Force One to make sure that it didn’thappen. Apparently, Mark Ecko rented a 747 cargo plane in California and painted one side of it with the AF1 colors (I thought it was a computer animation but apparently it was the real deal). He won’tsay how much the stunt cost, but he did say in a Wired article that…”you have to be rich.” Don’tbreak the bank dude.

  • illk

    Man shit like this happens all the time. Jus' becuase the media dont cover it dont mean it didnt happen.

    Even if it is fake its a damn good prank.

    theirs some crazy shit happening in the world.

  • Miss Hipstah

    It's fake.

    If you go to the website and click on links and then click on legal disclaimer it explains that the video is not real.

    Unless it is real and they are just saying it isn't so people won't try it. Regardless, it's a pretty cool idea/video.