Damn Homey….

So as of late last week Lupes Food & Liquor was leaked on the interweb. Now I haven’theard it yet, but have heard nothing but positive reviews regarding dudes lyrical ability all the way to the beats on the album. Now as the mc in this situation what can you do? Do you:

a) scrap the current project and start over
b) put it out there ASAP and capitalize on the new buzz
c)say fcck it and quit rappin and design toys and kicks for life

I can’tspeak on exactly what I’d do, but being pissed and/or sad/hurt/depressed/angry would be the beginning of emotions I’d be feeling at the time. I know with the music that I am involved in (MIXTAPE COMING SOON!!) I am a perfectionist – very concerned with attention to detail and making sure EVERYTHING is right. I mean Lupe took this one on the chin (no homo) with a very diplomatic stance I just hope he gets to drop and doesn’tend up on Def Jam Left.