Another Rapper Gets Shot….Eh

by Winston "Stone" Ford


By now you know that Proof of D12 was shot at a Detroit nightclub this morning and reports are that Bizarre might be seriously injured as well.

My reaction… I know that Proof has held it down in the Detroit rap scene well before Em got famous, but I still can’tfind any sympathy for this dude. When Dilla died, I stopped and paused for a moment. When Busta’s security guard was killed I paused too. But with Proof? Nothing. I just continue to sit here and type and drink my coffee. I don’thave any reaction to the dude’s shooting other than….eh. Have I become so desensitized to these “rap beefs” that I just don’tcare anymore?

  • Miss Hipstah

    When Dilla died, it wasn't from a gunshot or rap “beef.” The man was really sick, and died from a crippling illness. Which, in this day and age, is a rare way to go in Hip Hop. Same with Professor X of X-Clan.

    The whole hip hop beef thing has always been out of control, but lately, it's almost like none of that matters anymore. Slain rappers get their names in mainstream media for a day or two and that's it (which is more than rappers who die from illness or natural causes).

  • Bianca

    Ur one crucial bitch, that is so mean how can you sit there and not care about him when he represented Detroit. True the hip-hop game is outta control but you don't know why he was shot. You shouldn't be saying that, what you should be saying is thank god it wasn't someone close to me, you idiot.

  • Stone

    You can call me an idiot all you want, but I'm just keeping it real. I wasn't a fan, didn't know the dudes music, and didn't really care much for D12. So no, I'm not gonna sit here and create a memorial service for someone I could care less about. Sorry.

    And yes, I think we are desensitized to hip-hop violence. Don't go after me, go after the dudes and the system that creates and tolerates these senseless killings.