Why Giving Birth Will Get You a Job at Good Guys

by Rome

I don’tnormally post anything about Britney Spears, but this was too good.


This is apparently a sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth called “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston” which is on display at the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery in Williamsburg. The artist Daniel Edwards says of his piece “This is a new take on pro-life. Pro-lifers normally promote bloody images of abortion. This is the image of birth.”

Ok, I don’tknow about you, and maybe I’m behind on the various ways in which you can give birth, but last time I checked, you do NOT look like that when you are giving birth. Posing for Pregnant Playboy? Maybe. But definitely not while you are pushing a proverbial bowling ball out of a proverbial key hole. Also…we’re talking about the same woman who smoked while pregnant and put her infant son on her lap while she was driving. She isn’ta role model for Pro-Life. She’s just a moron.

Read more about it here and here

On another note, Britney’s loverly hubby and Sean Preston’s father, K Fed, has announced that he doesn’tneed a contract like everyone else. He’s K FED! And his album Playing With Fire will be coming out in August.

“My album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!” Federline said in a statement. “The inspiration and meaning behind the title Playing with Fire is self-explanatory.”

Someone please…call the Coney Island Freak Show.

  • alicia

    Regarding the Britney Spears blog…normally I don't give her a second thought; but, when the sculpture came out, I was appalled. First of all, regardless of whether the sculpture is anatomically correct, Britney spears had a C-section, so the whole sculpture is wrong; and secondly, millions of women give birth, Spears isn't special.

  • Stone

    Oh, that's what that was??? It just looks like doggystyle to me :)