Whens the Last Time You Heard It Like This?


So tonight in NYC the Clipse will be performing at the knitting factory to a crowd full of hipsters, thugs, and everything in between. I was supposed to be there but because of my yatch reasons out of my control, I will not be able to make it. I believe that the album is NOT classic, but is at the top of certified banger status. Will 3, almost 4 year old coke rhymes and gun slinging move enough of the Baped out crowd (cmon you know Pusha isn’tgonna be the only one in there w/some fresh bapes on. Hopefully this show (and others) can help do something to get the label to release them (probably not) and they can drop the long awaited Hell Hath Fury. If not then I’ll just keep that Got It For Cheap Vol 2 in deck/ipod.