What I’m Listening To…

Van HuntOn the Jungle Floor – When I first got this CD, I hated it, but over the course of about 5 or 6 listens, I gots to say that this disc is gonna be hot when it drops next month. It’s not the “chill with your girl CD,” that his first CD was, but it’s more on the “lets funk out and party type vibe.” Full review expected soon.


Better Than Yours presents The Boondocks – Yes, I’m gonna put out a disclaimer that I know this cat personally, but still I’m still going to give the man props. The mixtape is proper. Peep it here.

Mark Ronson Here Comes the Fuzz – I got this CD for 99 cents, and it’s one of the hottest CD’s I own. If ya’ll don’t know who Mark Ronson is, you gotta read up. Most recently, he scored a deal with Rhymefest, but before that, the dude has produced for everyone from Nappy Roots to Sean Paul to Weezer. If you find this CD on the 99 cent rack, buy one for you and for your friend.

Wale Oyejide – One Day…Everything Changed – There are some CD’s that make you thank Al Gore for inventing the Internets. This is one of them. I wouldn’thave heard about this disc until I stumbled on a writeup on Wale Oyejide on some random J Dilla tribute post. I don’tknow too much about Wale, but apparently the dude has enough clout to recruit Dilla and MF Doom for his disc, which dropped in 2004. It’s a fabulous combination of hip-hop, jazz, and afro beat and it is a must buy. Cop this. Seriously.