What Ever Happend To…Gabrielle?


Back in the early 90's, a song called “Dreams” came out. It was the song that jump started the career of a young singer named Gabrielle. Her first single went on to go into the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest debut for a female singer after it spent three weeks at number one.

You might remember Gabrielle. She was the singer who always wore an eyepatch. Her trademarked sequinned and satin eye patches were a result of a drooped eyelid, on which she refused to have plastic surgery.

Since her debut album Find Your Way in 1993, Gabrielle had five albums, including a greatest hits album in 2001. She’s had a track on the celebrated soundtrack to Bridget Jones' Diary called “Out of Reach.” She’s won numerous awards and honors in the UK.

But sadly, her last album, Play To Win came out in 2004. That’s roughly about the last time her website was updated too. There doesn’tseem to be much info out there past August 2004, so if any of you know what happend to her, leave a comment.

Here’s a link to the video for her song “I Wish”