Upcoming Events: Wooster Collective in DC

by Lady Glock

Wooster Collective founder Marc Schiller is going to be part of a panel discussion entitled “Fresh Canvases: How the Street is Changing Our View of Art” on Sunday, March 26th.


Some of the topics discussed will be:
*Moving Street Art into the Gallery
*Street Art and Commercial Success
*Street Art and The Community
*The Internet and How it’s helped change Graffiti

Along with Marc Schiller, Kelly Towles (the curator of Wall Snatchers and members of Faile will also be on the panel. The panel discussion will take place at the gallery in Georgetown. It’s where the Staples used to be.

Thanks to Wooster Collective for the Image

  • Jerome

    DAMN!! I will be in NY starting Fri, but I might come back early to catch this.