Trick I'm Workin Wood Wheel


So I just wanted to give a quick PSA to all the hipsters out there that will be buying the next UGK CD when it drops in the next 6 months. First and foremost this is not some redundant, pointless mike jones or dipset rap.

Pimp C is a beast on the boards. Dude has been producin since '91 so he knows what hes doin. There will be 808 bangers, slow rhymes and lots of B**CHes on the album.

And Bun B?

You already know dude is a monseter on the mic so that is what it is. Hes been on 6 million records (or at least it seems so) in the last year and some change and dropped a damn fine solo album as well.

There is a reason why UGK is Hov’s favorite group people. I've seen Cam and company go the way of the hipster and I can’tlet it happen to UGK.

Have a nice day.