Trailer for Waist Deep

by Lady Glock

So here are a few links for the trailer of Waist Deep, the movie starring Tyrese, Meagan Goode, Larenz Tate and The Game. It’s directed by Vondie Curtis.

Quicktime, Low
Quicktime, High

Windows Media Player, Low

Windows Media Player, High

I think I might sit this flick out. Or at least wait until there’s a two for one special at Blockbuster. The movie opens the week of June 23rd.

  • Superbizzee

    Lol! Man, if Tyrese is not boxing himself in a corner, he's somewhere putting more nails in his coffin! Do I dare talk about his “burgeoning” rap career and the rhymes he “spit” on Hot 97 last year? (…snicker) He's not going to be able to grow as an actor if he keeps doing these hood dramas. Wait didn't he just appear in Annapolis? (…snicker) Besides, judging from the trailers, this joint looks like a snoozer. Miss Hipster, you're better than me. I'm just going to borrow the bootleg from my homeboy!