This is How He Do


This was written by THE GAME not THE JEROME

This dude is either about to drop a classic or a dud:

Everytime I log onto my website I see somebody else bitchin' about what the f-ck I'm doing. If it aint Kevin Federline’s gonna be on my next album it’s Tech left BWS. Stop fuckin' cryin' all the damn time & just chill the f-ck out !!! Kevin Federline aint gone be on “The Doctor’s Advocate” & neither is Gwen Stefani !!! My next album will not feature half as many people as the 1st album did & will be better if not equal to “The Documentary”. As far as leaving Fase, Life & Black Friday behind, They did it to themselves. My brother turned his back on me so now he regrets it & is reaping what he sowed !!! Black Friday wasn’tgood enough to make my squad & I made Life from scratch added a little sugar & water & there you have it, another hot kid from Compton. He is young & got caught up in the middle of me and my brothers war & was brainwashed so he is where he wants to be, not where I left him.
How the f-ck do you leave a grown man behind ? Mothaf-cka if I left you behind, you a grown ass man nigga ” CATCH UP ” I don’towe nobody in the world shit !!! My son, my family, my fans & my music is all I got. If anybody is un-happy with the way I get down, you can always go be a fan of someone elses !!! I kept it real from the day dre signed me to Aftermath all the way to NOW ! I grew up in a boys home, I've lost two brothers to gang violence, been shot 5 times, gotta gang of dead homies who were smoked before they gotta chance to see me shine, the other homies are doing LIFE in California Federal Penitentaries, struggled through the death of my best friend (Billboard R.I.P.) had my own brother turn his back on me & try to turn half of my homies against me (& that backfired on him) had niggas call me a stripper, say I had a tongue ring & blonde hair, say that I'm not a real blood, beefed with half of hip hop & took on G-Unit as a camp all by my mothafuckin' self & WON. I brought back the West Coast by myself & opened mothafuckin' the doors for all the new west Coast n-ggas yall startin' to hear (Lil' Eazy, Glasses Malone, Bishop Lamont to name a few, I put out a classic album sold 5 million records worldwide & this is the MOTHAF-CKIN' thanks I get ? I'm on my 1st album & look at all the shit I've been through ! After all that I'm still out here grindin' & puttin' it down for yall as well as myself, my family, the West Coast & Hip Hop !!!

For all my true fans out there, thanks for holdin a n-gga down all this time & for you fake cryin' always winin' ” The Game This, The Game That ” mothaf-ckas you can’teven relate to none of the sh-t I've been through in my LIFE………….

Bottom Line: If you don’tlike how we do at go to another site ! If you don’tlike “The Game” don’tbuy my shit !! If you hate the West Coast don’tcome here !!! & If you just a hater, F-CK YOU !!!

Eff what you heard man G.A.M.E. is that dude twice. 300 bars is still that cut and dude speaks from his ass the heart all the time.