The Dumbing Down of Kelis

Remember when Kelis dropped “Caught Out There?” I almost had to pull over when I heard that track on the radio. That infamous hook, “I hate you so much right now,” almost set the tone for what Kelis was: sassy, independent, sexy, and willing to set her own path.

That’s what I liked about Kelis. She wasn’tthe best singer by a longshot, but she wasn’tthe typical R&B chick either. Until now.

I'm watching the video above with a collective “WHAT THE F*CK?” expression. I'm like a grandma who’s like, “What happened to my baby girl?” I'm not saying its a bad video, cause Kelis has always managed to look hot, but the song and the concept seems to stray from what Kelis was always known for.

However, I'm pretty sure Ms. Nas will pull a Black Eyed Peas–going from being a moderate success (they didn’teven release her second album over here, remember?) to being played on top 40 stations everywhere and gettin' hella rich in the process.

(Havin' that said, I'm lovin the beat of this song, but it just ain’ta good look for my homegirl, ya know?)