The Boondocks Takes a Break


Aaron McGruder, creator of the beloved Boondocks comic is taking a six month break from the highly syndicated strip, starting in March.

“Every well needs occasional refreshing,” he wrote in a letter to be sent to editors of newspapers carrying the strip. “I hope that this fall you will agree that the time away from the demands of deadlines has served the strip, your readers and me.”

McGruder offered no further explanation and declined interviews. His editor at Universal Press Syndicate, Greg Melvin, said McGruder simply needed a break.

The last comic before the hiatus will be printed on March 26th and after that, newspapers will either print older Boondocks comments or a replacement comic.


(I actually got word of this late last night, cause I wasn’tpaying attention during the day. Actually, the exact words from my source were “McGruder is pulling a Chappelle.”)