Security gets ready for ATL‘s Opening Weekend


In various malls in Atlanta, security guards are being told to prepare for potential mayhem.

A memo obtained by the city???s Channel 2 Action News reveals the company General Growth, which owns local malls Cumberland and Perimeter, sent a memo warning staff at its properties showing the film to ???prepare??? for its release on Friday, stating: “The movie could cause behavior problems among customers.???

Greg Alexander, owner of Cascade Skating Rink where parts of the ???ATL??? were filmed, was shown the memo by Action News. He said in response: “I think it has a possibility that it could be discriminatory.”

Alexander says he has written proof from the filmmakers that the movie, starring rappers T.I., Big Boi and actor Evan Ross, would not contain gratuitous sex and violence.

This movie does not look like a movie most should be worried about. It’s rated PG-13, so you know it can’tbe THAT BAD. Unless people in Atlanta are going to riot because they see the rollerskating rink they always go to, I think this pre-emptive security preperation is a little over the top.

ATL opens on Friday, March 31st.

Thanks to Crunk & Disorderly for the info.