Radioblog: Random Ish, Part 2



I got such a good response from the first “Random Ish” radio blog that I'm gonna start making this an occasional thing. It’s not gonna be every day like Honey or EJ, but I'm sure ya'll won’tcomplain.

  1. Wale Oyejide – There’s A War Going On (feat. J Dilla) –
    I didn’twant to do an all out Dilla tribute, because other blogs are doing it so well, but I did drop some tracks to pay my respects. Although many of us will know Dilla as a producer, this track shows that he can hold his own as an MC.

  2. Snoop_Dogg – I Miss You – Snoop is everywhere these days. I ripped this track from Snoop’s only other good album besides Doggystyle.
  3. Outkast – Get Rich (Outskirts Sade Mix) – I stumbled upon Outskirts on some random file sharing service (I mean, um…….record store) and was blown back by the production quality and use of samples. It’s been one of my favorite CD’s ever since.
  4. Outkast – Akshun (Outkast Lenny Kravitz Mix) – Another DJ Jamad & Floyd the Locsmif renginnered track featuring one of my favorite Lenny Kravitz songs.
  5. ODB (RIP) vs White Stripes – Nation of Millions – Yeah, I know that the whole mashup thing ended in '02, but I'm still a fan. I found this lil track while looking for a Sean Paul/White Stripes mashup which I still haven’tfound (can ya'll send the track to me?).
  6. Mr Lee G – They Don’tKnow (Ghislain Poirier Remix) – Don’tknow TOO much about Mr. Lee G, but this is a hot Whisper song remix.
  7. Missy Elliott – Astrodutch (Pass That Dutch Mashup) – This is a pretty fly dancefloor track.
  8. Melissa Bathory – You Are – Who is this chick? And why is she using a go-go beat? Who knows, but it’s a pretty fly track.
  9. Lenny Kravitz feat Outkast – Again – Another Kravitz, track, just cause.
  10. KUKU-Sunrise In Bed – This dude is from DC via Nigeria and makes some of the nicest acoustic soul I've heard in a while.
  11. K-OS – Heaven Only Knows (Refix) – Damn, K-OS is a household name in Canada (I think), but his stuff ain’teven getting released in the US. Sad, cause this dude is the next Wyclef.
  12. Kano – Reload It – Beatwise, UKHH is light years away from US Hip-hop, mainly cause UK artists are willing to take risks. (This same risk taking has brought us trip-hop, garage, and grime). Although Kano has a bunch of US-sounding pseudo R&B on his album, this track is a standout example of UK hip-hop production.
  13. JayDee (AKA J-Dilla) – Pause
  14. J Dilla Jay Dee-Workonit – One of my favorite joints from Donuts. Cop that album now.
  15. J Dilla Jay Dee-Hi – Again, cop Donuts.
  16. George Benson – This Masquerade – I don’tknow how this got in here, but its a decent track anyway. Don’tskip this one. Get schooled.
  17. Floetry feat. C.L. Smooth-Floetic (Jay Dee aka J-Dilla rhyme remix) – I was lucky to stumble upon this track the other day. Its a pretty solid remix.
  18. Felt – Morris Day – I'm not that big on Felt, but the beat on this track is just sick.
  19. Do Or Die – Higher (Feat. Kanye West) – DOD tried to ride the Kanye bandwagon, but I think the wheels fell off along the way. I'm diggin' the production on this track though.
  20. Common feat. Macy Gray – Ghetto Heaven (Remix) – I'm diggin' this track. Macy Gray is cool in small doses.
  21. Bone Thugs -n- Harmony – Breakdown feat. Mariah Carey – I don’tknow exactly why I threw this track on here, but honestly, other than the ODB joint, this is the only “hip-hop Mariah” track I can tolerate.
  22. Artful Dodgers & Craig David – summerjam (acoustic) – This is the jam. I remember listening to this when I lived in London–in the middle of January.