Nike Knows the Right Moves



Nike’s new ad campaign is focusing on women, specifically women who love to dance. Their new ads feature a variety of dancers performing fantastic dance routines as well as showing off the new fashions that Nike is putting out. The point is this: Dancers are athletes too.


They had some other ads that showed the same point a while back. Actually it was more like “Add music to your sports”:

Keep Up
Booty Shake (Ass men, you will love this one.)
Kimberly (again)

You might recognize some of the dancers. I know for sure two of them were in Madonna’s “Hung Up” and “I'm Sorry” videos.

On the Nike website you can see the latest fashions they are promoting in the ads as well as the latest music video for Rhianna’s “S.O.S (Rescue Me).” You can also learn the choreography to the moves in the video.

Don’tknock it. As a former dancer, I can tell you. Some of those dance moves will be the best workout you've ever had.