New Music: Susan Cagle



Susan Cagle played to a stadium-sized crowd before she even got a record contract. Of course, the majority of that crowd was running to catch their train at the Times Square subway station, but she still played for them.

Like the one-man drummer or the old hunchback who plays circus music while mechanical dolls dance around him, Susan Cagle is part of New York City’s underground music scene. She performs on a daily basis to an audience that is continuously growing. And it’s paid off. After being discovered by producer Jay Levine of Lefthook Entertainment, she was signed by Steve Greenberg of Columbia Records. She was the first artist he signed after becoming president of the label.

Now, her album The Subway Recordings is coming out in May of this year.

She has a talent for writing lyrics as well as having a strong voice with which she can perform her songs. It is distinctive in that it is her actual voice. There is no voice modulation, no synthesizer???just her, her band and a few microphones. It???s definitely guerilla performance.

She makes it a family thing too. Her siblings play with her in the subway as well. Together they create a style of ???ethnic rock??? that mixes pop, rock and Carribbean music. Susan???s influences ranged from The Cranberries to Lauryn Hill..

Regardless of whether or not Susan Cagle???s album takes off, she still has a large following. She has the subway riders who see her everyday and stop to hear her music. As she says in this article ???If you can play in the subway and get a crowd and be successful, you can play pretty much anywhere.???

You can pick Susan Cagle???s album up on May 26th. You can also check her out at her MySpace page. If you want to see her perform live, check out the Times Square subway station (42nd and 7th).

Note: Susan Cagle has already sold over 30,000 copies of her own album by herself. She’s also featured on MTV’s “You Hear It First.”