New Music: “Hoodie” Addias Remix

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Lady Sov“Adidas Hoodie Remix” (feat. Mizz Beats, Skepta, JME, Ears, Jammer and )Baby Blue

Yes, I think that my jury is still out on Lady Sov, but I just got this remix in my inbox and my ass is just blown away. I don’tcare about what any of y’all say, the UK is still the most innovative country when it comes to music. Peep this UK grime remix and TELL me that you don’tagree.

As much as we want to hate on UK artists like Lady Sov, MIA, and even Dizzie, they’re at least bringing something new and innovative to the table. They’re taking the US hip-hop formula, flippin’ it, and making it something their own. Unfortunately, I think that the US hip-hop public will not embrace our UK brethren like rock circles have been doing.

So what do ya’ll think about the track?

  • Bilal Khan

    Yes UK music scene is slept on in North America. I have been feeling the scene since the days of UK Garage when it was in its prime. Hip hop nowadays is soo cookie cutter that its all the same. The UKG scene is raw, Dizze, Kano, Wiley, there is others. This scene has alot of Drum and bass influence and i think people in NA thinks it dance music and the blindly hate. if music from southern US can blow up then Grime should too.

  • dustybottoms

    That shit was wack!!!!!

  • Stone

    yo… what was so wack about it?

  • linlang

    addidas hoodie remix is heavy boi

  • ladi sov fan

    lady sov is lyk propa shysty………. DA BEST!!!