Murs Interview in Hip-Hop Game


Call me a “backpacker” all you want, but I regard Murs as one my all time favorite rappers. It’s not that he’s the BEST rapper out there, but he’s one of the few rappers that I can actually relate to on a daily basis.

But like any rapper that ain’t from South, the West Coast dude is struggling right now, or at least that what you would think from his Hip-Hop Game interview. He ain’t happy with the way that his new album, Murrays Revenge came out and it shows.

This is actually one of the most sincere and down to earth interviews I’ve read in a long time. Any cats who are trying to break into the business might want to read the first part where the MC details his frustrations with sample clearances, booking a venue, and working with 9th Wonder, who he says, “I hate his guts.” His take: The Game Ain’t Easy.

Murs also basically puts to rest any rumors of a new Living Legends album, however he’s still working with Slug, so I’m hoping a new Felt album might drop soon. And Murs has a word to his fans: “I love you guys. Thank you. Don’t feel bad if you downloaded the album. I really don’t give a fuck. Hopefully you can take something away from what I said and find something to laugh about.”