Futures Made Of Virtual Insanity…

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I remember as a young’n when BET used to show all types of videos, especially during the day. As a young lad growing up in Arizona, summers were spent inside during the day (believe Arizona summers during the day avg 110 between june and august, f-ck that) so BET got tons of burn. I distinctly remember around 12:30 every day they would show a crazy video called Space Cowboy from a group, Jamiroquai. This was some funky ass non-hip hop music at a time when hip hop music was thriving on top. This was a dope alternative to the gritty grimy east coast hip hop that was crackn as well as the gangster heavy west coast that was dominating the video and airwaves.

Now I really haven’t kept up with Jamiroquai since 1996 (futures made of Virtual Insanity) but according to Amazon they have dropped a few albums since, with much less American fanfare. They are still solid and Jay Kays car collection will forever top mine, but I can still pop in an old VHS tape and watch “Space Cowboy” and remember the hot summers of Arizona.

  • Stone

    Awww snap….I remember that too! I think they played it on a show called Video LP, but my mind might be slippin' so don't quote me on that.

    Anyways…got hooked on this video, but didn't get until Jamiroquai till they dropped Travelling Without Moving