Okay, I’ll admit it. I watch Flavor of Love. It’s not one of those things that you wanna say when you're chillin' with your boys, but hey, anytime I get to see Hoopz on the TV, I'm not going to complain. (Good LAWD she’s fine!)

Anyway, the Flavor of Love finale was the most watched show in VH1 History, trailing only behind The Sopranos (wha??) for the week, which is pretty damn scary when you think about it. I mean, personally, I boycotted the show at first, because Flav is almost like a minstrel puppet in a sense. People are laughing at him and not with him. But this show is too damn addicting. Damn the man!

Flav was BROKE before he started doing these reality shows (he moved out to California specifically to do TV), so we all know that the mansion and that whole setup is not his. (Update: he rents an apartment somewhere in LA and stays at his baby mama’s house in NYC.) I just hope that the dude got some serious $$$ from VH1, because we all know when you're broke you'll sign any type of contract that comes your way.

As for the women. Skanks. All of them (except my darling Hoopz, she gets a pass.) These opportunity-seeking hos give women a bad name. But regardless of all this, I still watch, so I’ll shut up. 🙂