CD Review: Ursula 1000 Here Comes Tomorrow

URSULA1000 - Here Comes Tomorrow COVER (600x600).jpg

If you were to combine pop, hip hop and rock with a dash of reggae and a pinch of salsa and mix it all together in a disco blender, the resulting sound might sound a lot like Ursula 1000.

Alex Gimeno aka DJ/Producer Ursula 1000 can play anything”and I mean ANYTHING”and you will dance to it. In his newly released album Here Comes Tomorrow, there is a continuous mix of the classically clean sound we have come to know and love in lounge music, but there is also something dirty, even raunchy that hides underneath the beats, making you want to do more than just dance.

Coming from DC’s very own Eighteenth Street Lounge label, the Miami-born Gimeno started out as just a kid with a dream and a seriously large record collection. Now, he DJs everywhere from some of New York”s finest night clubs, the Euro nightlife in Germany and the UK, and now at ESL”s SXSW and Miami Winter Music Conference parties. He”s done remixes for artists like SI*SE, Felix da Housecat, The Faint and my personal favorite, The Powerpuff Girls. His track “Kinda Kinky” was featured on the Fighting Temptations Soundtrack. The man has even said “NO” to a supermodel”s song request.

Here Comes Tomorrow will be his fifth release on ESL. As I”ve already said, his tracks are fun and uplifting, but at times, will make you want to get down and dirty. And you can hear every kind of music in his tracks. The track “Hello! Let”s Go To A Disco” is reminiscent of a 1980″s club hit or possibly a Queen-anthem like song. The song “Elecktric Boogie” conjures up images of fashionable b-boys doing the robot at the Roxy. “Two Tone Rocka” is kind of a tribute to the classic roots reggae from whcih much of today’s pop music get its inspiration. “Descarga en la Discoteca” (the translation of which I am not going to say”it”s inappropriate) is a tongue-in-cheek look at that old skool mariachi/salsa music your grandmother might have listened to”crossed with the funky bass lines of a porn score. There”s the single “Boop” which is just a fun track that will definitely make you think of Betty Boop.

There are so many fun things about this album that it’s hard to say who will like it and who won”t. It is such a musical combination that there is something I”m sure everyone can enjoy about Here Comes Tomorrow.