Blogging While Black?

More Convo: Bol, Jason

I don’teven want to get into the controversy about the “Blogging While Black” panel at SXSW this year. And y'all know how I feel about panel discussions anyway.

If you want to sit through the video of the panel, peep it here.

Still, what disappointed me more about that panel was not the ish that went down, but the lack of diversity that was on stage. Now, some people (okay, white people), might be like…”Diversity…wha?” But when you look at who’s on the panel, they all seem like uppity academic types who all hang out “Friends” style at the same coffeeshop.

I'm not tryin' to hate (cause I frequent coffeeshops, but only when Miss Hipstah drags me to 'em), but if you really want to do something about Black bloggers, then you should have hip-hop, Afropunk, and controversy all equally represented. I don’tknow who picked the panel, but I can safely say that they F'ed up in their selection process.

Jimi lists his “dream” panel for BWB 2007 at the end of his blog post. I figured that I should add my two cents as well.

List after the jump.

Bol ( – Hate it or love it, this dude is black blogging. If you have a blog, and you're a Negro, then the name Byron Crawford has most likely crossed your computer screen. Simply put, the dude says and does whatever the hell he wants. I'm not sure how this dude will react to some of the sistas in the panel or on the audience, but I'm sure a KRS style smackdown would ensue.

Humanity Critic ( The multiple Black Weblog Award winner should be a shoo-in shouldn’the? I don’tknow if he wants his identity known, so he might have to show up MF Doom style, but you know it would be worth it.

Lania Dawes ( – This chick from the TO can hold it down for the Afropunk (Negroclash?) side of things. And since she’s from Canada, I guess the hipsters at SXSW could call her “international” or something like that. Having that said, I don’tthink that Afropunk or “black people who go to rock shows” get represented in mainstream culture anyway.

Fresh ( – This chick created a new genre of blogging (the Black gossip site), so it’s only natural that she would get an invitation. After all the success she’s had I'm surprised homegirl ain’tworking the red carpet at the BET Awards.

Trixie Vortex (formerly of It’s a shame that this chick shut down her blog, but maybe an invitation to the panel will get her fine ass legs back in the limelight again.

Hashim Warren/Ian/Jerome ( Another “no brainer.” As black folk, we have to represent the “hip-hop” side of things, even though I'm getting tired of the genre right now. Either one of these dudes could represent.

Black Women Hate Me ( – Another dude you want to put on the panel just cause of the “controversial” (or the perceived controversial) nature of the subject matter. I'm sure he'll get “into it” with some of the female members of the panel.

Honey/EJ ( – I hate to be so “either/or” about the “grown and sexy” slot, because I enjoy both blogs, even though I don’treally act that grown, and I'm really not that sexy (at least that’s what the ladies say), but I gotta combine this category just because you don’twant TOO many people on a panel, ya know?

LaShawn Barber ( – You know the panel discussions that have the “token negro?” Well this panel has got to have the “token black Rethuglican.” I don’tagree with 90% of what this chick says, but like a train wreck, I read this blog anyway just to get pissed off in the morning.

Stone ( – Okay, so this ish would never happen, cause most of ya'll don’tgive two farts about what I write. A brotha can dream, can’the?