And If I Ain’tBetter Than Big, I'm the Closest One…

by Rome

The Top 10 Rappers Currently …(In No Particular Order)

Weezy F(ema) Baby
Andre 3000
Pusha T
Joe Budden

Disagree? Discuss.

  • Pasquale

    Are you serious, Jack?

  • Stone

    Kanye?? I guess he could be up there for popularity, but the dude is the wackest rapper on the planet right now.

    I'm surprised you didn't throw Lupe out there, and I would dropped Papoose as well cause he's about to blow up.

  • Jerome Baker

    I am a Lupe fan, but don't think hes top ten. I haven't heard enough Papoose yet so the jury is still out on him.

    Pasquale – yes i'm serious.

  • shawtboxx

    First things first, Pusha T is sick, but Malice is H.I.V. wit it. Joe Budden's? I never really got that into his style. He has potential, but not more then Papose, Saigon, Killer Mike or Bubba K. Kanye should fall into the Dr.Dre catagory. Meaning, you know that his beats are going to great, but them rhymes ain't all his. I would replace him with Bun B. Weezy F(ema)Baby. Nice touch.

  • KingKRool

    Insert Papoose, drop Fabolous. Haven't heard anything from him in a while…but Papoose is the next big things. Listening to just two of his mixtapes, I really see talent from him.

  • Antonio

    What about Ras Kass? He is one of the illest…
    And most of all, where's Ghost? Ghostface is the best rapper in the world, right now!