3121 is #1

I tried to hold out, but I couldn’tresist weighing in on this one. Prince’s 3121 is the number one album in the country this week, the first time in his long musical history that he’s ever debuted at #1. As a die-hard Prince fan, I feel my faith has been vindicated.

Its place on the charts is well-deserved; the album is hot, his best in years, a standout in the particularly bleak musical landscape that’s been the first quarter of 2006. I’m not gonna bother with a full review because it’s been reviewed to death, but it’s definitely worth a listen…or two…or more. It’s actually enough to allow me to forgive him for the Grade A crap he churned out in the majority of the 90s. Yeah, I know he did it to spite Warner Bros., but even I, as said die-hard Prince fan, couldn’tdigest a lot of that stuff.

This is the Prince I grew up on, the Prince of Controversy and 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O’ the Times; it’s classic Prince with a 21st century facelift. Musicology was really good but 3121 is sublime.

Dude is pushin 50 and he’s still bringin it.