Who Has Next?

(no this is NOT a Lupe Fiasco interview)

So I’m chopping it (talking with) with one of my guys and we were discussing which new hip hop artists projects we were looking forward to dropping this year. At the end of the day outside of Lupe, we really didn’tagree on any NEW artists whose projects we were really anticipating. Now mind you my guy is a hip hop fiend type dude, like wears his ipod everywhere from the bathroom to the boardroom, and he couldn’t think of any one.

Alot of the New York mixtape (aka dunny rappers) aren’t”new” to me, neither are old artists on new labels or in new groups. At the same time are there any New York artists bringing a new/fresh perspective to the game?

Is there the 2nd coming of Dre 3000 in ATL, just waiting to be heard?

After the jump read about Texas rappers who DON’t spit about ice/candy paint and west coast rappers….wait whats a west coast rapper?

Is Philly going to put out anyone. at all?

So yes Texas rappers in order for your movement to continue you are going to have to produce a rapper who balances candy paint with OTHER things (not sex, drugs, boppers, etc.). I'm not saying I'm looking for the San Antonio version of Mos Def, but I'm just saying

And as far as the west coast – just drop someone, anyone new. Thanks.