Whats Beef? Beef Is When You Make Your Enemies Start Your Jeep

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Now before you think this post is about the return of the British bulldog DaveyBoy Smith (is he still alive?), I'm questioning the importance and/or need for rappers (and R&B singers…Christina Milian vs Nick Cannon anyone?) to have beef with rappers in 2006. In, around, and after Nas and Jay Z went at it in 2001 it seemed like rappers used their dislike for other emcees as a springboard to create a buzz for their album, but is that a successful approach now?

Obviously G Unit has beef with someone anytime they have an album dropping so they really don’tcount. 50 took Jas formula, smashed him because of it, and turned around and used it to sell hella records to millions of people. Lame. I've been watching the BEEF dvds on BET (damn the animated MLK was so right) and I just can’tbelieve that in todays world of hip hop people take music that serious.

After the jump read about more beef, Game vs the world, and how I’ll be beefing with some B-List rapper from Tampa before my album drops….KILLA!!

OK I'm not beefing with a b-list rapper from Tampa…

Game has used his “beef” with the G Unit crew to create some outrageous songs, funny skits, and kept his name in the mouth and on the keyboards of fans everywhere. I think the average pop rap fan is over it though. Cam vs Jay was 2-3 weeks ago and everyone is pretty much over it now.

So rappers I, super hip hop fan aka the only black guy from arizona whose favorite group is camp lo aka Jerome, am telling you that dissing other rappers for the sake of it is old, wack, etc. If you have fire product you don’tneed it, if your album is lacking that buzz creater/fire starter diss George Bush or something.

  • Stone

    I think consumers are gettin' hip to the beef game. I mean, the last two MAJOR beefs were followed immediately by press conferences (and Cam started his out by talking about his wack ass movie). So even if this beef is real, the fact that artists are using it as a marketing tool will show the fans that it could be just a publicity stunt.

    There is so much fake beef going around that we almost become numb. It's going to come to the point that we won't take beef seriously until someone gets shot.

  • nesha

    boy u dont know what da hell ur talking about so shut the f*** up

  • Tragedy Styles

    Roxanne Shante was a publicity stunt, 50 Cent been a publicity stunt and Cam is trying to be a publicity stunt, fronting on Jay-Z. But my mouth on Cam is closed. LOCKED! MLK 4 Nigga.