Whatever Happend To…..Remy Shand?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Remember Remy Shand?

In 2001, Shand dropped The Way I Feel on Motown, which he recorded in his Winnepeg, Canada bedroom. The first single, “Take A Message,” got a considerable amount of airplay on MTV2 and Much Music (back when I got Much on my cable box).

Most of the songs on “Take A Message” were written when the dude was still in high school, and they draw the new clice comparisons to Stevie Wonder, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye. This album was a rare gem with tracks such as “Take A Message” and and “Rocksteady” embraced the soul masters without trying to copy them.

Shand got some cred from the likes of Ethero, Badu, D’Angelo, and others. Although the album went platinum in his native Canada, lack of radio airplay and label promotion sent Take A Message to the discount bin in the US.

His website lists that his last appearance was in 2003. Let’s pray to God that he’s producing music somewhere and not working at a McDonald’s. Can ya’ll Canadians cue us in on what’s goin’ on with this dude? Someone needs to ressurect this dude’s career like Robin Thicke.

  • examplesample

    Still waiting!

  • Patricia Madison

    wow, Remy Shand Grest Music

  • Luv my Juju™

    I pray he bounces back. That cd is a classic.

  • Jay Johnstone

    Is Remy still out there?