Weekend Update: The Movie Edition



So the latest thing now is for Hip Hoppers to become Hollywoodites. Everyone from Queen Latifah and LL Cool J in Last Holiday to 50 Cent in that movie where he couldn’teven play himself. In the next few months, there are gonna be a few more films coming out that are gonna show some people might have better acting skills than everyone first thought.

I already posted this, but I'm so psyched about the movie, I'm gonna post it again. Here's the trailer to Idlewild, staring Andre Bengamin and Antwon Patton aka Big Boi. The soundtrack drops the 14th of this month, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Big Boi is also going to be in the upcoming film ATL, also starring Tip Harris aka T.I. The film follows a group of young people growing up in Atlanta, all of whom are trying to make money and get out. Directed by veteren music video director, Chris Robinson, the movie sports the tagline “The New American Story.” Oh, and if you want more info on Big Boi, check out Elemental, issue 73 (should be on newsstands now). He's on the cover.

Another movie coming out soon is The Tenants, a film about two writers who both move into an abandoned tenement while trying to finish their novels. Starring Snoop Dogg and Dylon McDermott, the film looks at issues of race through the eyes of literary novelists. The movie actually looks really promising. It's a different role for Snoop…one that doesn’tconsist of a matching pimp coat and cup.

Finally there's 16 Blocks. Starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def, 16 Blocks tells the story of a down on his luck New York cop (Willis) who has to take an imprisioned witness (Mos Def) to the court house…16 blocks away from the police station. And he has to do it in 118 minutes. These doesn’tseem like a huge deal, except for the fact that every cop in New York wants to see get taken out. So, basically the whole movie (as you can see in the picture above) is Bruce Willis and Mos Def running around trying not to get shot. Mos Def's character looks annoying but entertaining, while Willis just seems to be playing the same character he always plays.

That's it for my weekend update…I'm gonna go do something productive.