The Couch Sessions Podcast 007: Asamov


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: The Couch Sessions Podcast – Asamov

Most of ya'll are saying the same thing about hip-hop nowadays. Ya'll are tired of the candy paint, the “humps”, the repetitive beats, and the laffy taffy. But don’tgive up and pull out your Guns And Roses album out yet. There is hope on the way. And the name is Asamov.

Ever since they were signed to 6 Hole Records in 2003, Jacksonville, FL based Asamov has slowly been gaining ground. They have been mentioned in URB Magazine, as well as getting heat from MySpace (who hasn’tthese days) and other media outlets such as OkayPlayer and the Boston Globe.

Their debut album, And Now…, features production by 9th Wonder and a guest appearance by Mr Lif. Even so, each member of the crew also produce, DJ and spit on the mic, making Asamov a rare triple treat in the hip-hop world.

We were able to catch up with all four members of Asamov while they were chillin' in their Jacksonville, Florida studio. (Extra: they drop some exclusive beats for us too!)

Artists Websites:
6 Hole Records
Asamov on MySpace
Asamov Electronic Press Kit