Should've Been A Classic: Ty – Upwards



“Politicians got me preparin' for their war/Don’tbe silly boy….I'm stayin' on the dance floor”

Ty – “Dreams” (feat. Eska)
Ty – “Groovement”
from Upwards

As a musician, Ty seems like one of those dudes who just lays back in the corner, waiting to strike. While other dudes are in your face, the UK MC has relied on low-key beats and rhymes over his short career. Ty combined UKHH sensibilities, with jazz, Afrobeat, funk, and ragga vibes, and Groovement was one of the best albums to come out of the UK when it dropped in '03.

Unfortunately, Upwards came right before the whole grime invasion. Most folks over here will only know of UKHH as Dizzie Rascal and MIA., which will relegate traditional MC’s like Ty and Roots Manuva to the back of the marketing bus.

He said this on his MySpace page: “i work harder than some others have to …to get half the credit .. i don’tknow if this is a curse or a blessing when I'm sure i will let you know.”

Though he won’tgain the notoriety that he should have, the UK rapper is still making moves, playing shows in across the UK and Europe and getting involved in many social organizations and causes. His new untitled album should drop on BigDada soon.