MC Hammer Has A Blog



Well….are we really surprised? Everyone and their mutha has one now. In addition to some Sidekick pics of him playing minor league baseball (huh?), the dude actually has some interesting things to say about hip-hop.

Instead of trying to lock up Hip Hop, allow us to continue to create hope and legal economic opportunities in these same crime and drug infested communities. Yes, we know drug dealers and killers. We grew up together. There is only one hood. Yes we take calls, put money on books and go out and eat with felons and convicts. It would be impossible for us not to. Three out of five African American men have been arrested or served time. You know that. They are our people. We will not disown them. Let my Hip Hop business model encourage them to do the right thing. Let my Hip Hop business model, success and wealth allow me to invest in the community and bring hope to the next generation. I want to provide resources that help develop the next Kevin Lyle (President Warner Music), the next, Steve Stoute (dealmaker and broker), the next Sean Combs (artist, business man) and the next John Singleton and MC Hammer.

As much as ya'll would rag on Hammer, the dude’s blog is legit.