Exhibition Update: Elements in Style


elements of style.gif

When many hear “Washington DC”, their first thought isn’tabout art. Yet there are tons of galleries in the area that a lot of people who aren’tartist’s themselves know about. There are also a lot of cool exhibitions that most will pass up.

At the beginning of this month, an exhibition opened up in the new branch of Georgetown’s Govinda Gallery. Located on M St, the small Matrix Exhibitions Gallery was the center for a reunion of the four elements of Hip Hop.

Presented by Govinda Gallery and Ekelctyk Creative Media, Elements in Stylecombines not only the the art of Hip Hop lovers, but the love of the art of Hip Hop. Artists like photographers RaRah, Neil Maclean, Jati Lindsey , painter Charnier Corey and mixed media artist Stacey Wilson.

On Saturday, there was a show in which well known MCs Flex Mathews, Project Lumens and DJ ENJAY showed off their skills, as well as a performance by the Counter Attack Breakers B-Boy crew. It was a second show after the first one was threatened by snow the week before. Still, both days, the crowds came out to support the artists.

The artwork, which is all up for sale, is phenomenal. It is so refreshing to see young artists getting their work up on walls in a DIY style. By avoiding the mainstream art gallery feel, this exhibit makes it clear that it is not just for those who like Hip Hop, but for anyone who can appreciate the connection between music and artwork. This show also does something that a lot of art shows don’tdo…it makes are FUN.

Elements of Style: The Hip Hop & Urban Art Exhibit will close on February 27th. It is located at 3307 M St. N.W., Washington, DC. Check it out while it’s still up!