Dave Chappelle's Block Party



Like most of us, I hate concert films. I got the same beef with watching Soul Train. Why watch other people have fun in a place that you can’tbe at (even if it does involve a reunion of The Fugees)?

Initially, I had the same reservations about Dave Chappelle's Block Party, which will drop sometime in theatres this year. Instead of the average concert film (which, from I hear, was a pretty fly concert), Dave created a social experiment. He walked through his hometown of Ohio, giving golden tickets to random people, then put them on a school bus bound for downtown Brooklyn.

The trailer is off the hook hilarious. Anyone who had a doubt of why Mr. Chappelle should be paid $50 million would probably be won over by the trailer alone. Where else can you see a white Midwestern shop clerk say, “I wish I would've brought my thong?” Exactly.

At some point, there were doubts that this film would be released, but since Dave is coming out of his self exile (Tivo Oprah on Friday), but since they are releasing the trailer, maybe Rogue Pictures decided that now might be the moment to drop this movie.

Update: Box Office Mojo is giving the movie a March 3rd date and it will be a wide release. (props to Questlove for the info)