You Know What This Is…Its French Pop B-tches!!!

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So going back to my days living in the great state of Arizona I have always like dance music to a degree (salsoul nugget yamp!!). Not hella into it, but I always respected the genre and what not. So fast forward to me being the #1 black stock boy @ abercrombie and fitch (99-'02). So Abercrombie always gets cds full of random songs and this one kinda soulful house/dance jawn comes on. Safe to say I do some searhing and find out the song is called “If I Ever Feel Better” by a frech pop group named Phoenix. Heat, needless to say.

So this is what I'm saying people, due to my extensive and diverse* (* = outstanding) knowledge and appreciation of music I am putting y'all onto this group if you didn't already know. Cop (or download legally, haha) and you won't be disappointed. We listened to the first Phoenix cd driving from Baltimore to Hampton and we (young, black broke college students) were having techno moments in jeromes car.


  • Miss Hipstah

    That is so funny. I have one of their tracks on my Ipod cause a friend told me to listen to it. It's a catchy track. The kind you bop your head to while driving down GW parkway.