We Don't Believe You, You Need More People…


I have a question: What makes you trust a review you read in the paper and/or internet? I mean you are either going to cop a cd or not see a movie because someone else likes/dislikes it. Now I'm not downing anyone or any sites in particular, just asking questions. Its always good to be put onto something new, but what would make anyone really try a different genre or have a passing interest in a movie they know nothing about?

Hip Hop sucks?

Tom Hanks hasn't put out any good movies lately?

You can't stand the thought of Soul Plane 2 or an autobiographical film about Tony Yayo?

At the same time how does the “hipster” influence effect you? Did you cop M.I.A.s debut album because you dug it or because you thought it was what everyone else was listening to?

At the end of the day everyone is influenced by someone or something else. You might go out and cop something you hear somebody blasting at the light or read a thread on the internet praising a movie you've never heard before. I'm just asking how much do you let those people make the decisions for you instead of you deciding for yourself.

Let me know…