The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World


I have come to the realization that the most powerful and influential invention that I've come in contact with is….the mixtape. Yes people the creation of a mixtape is one of the most personal, yet satisfying processes ever.

I think I started making mixtapes in 7th grade when i realized that the walk to school was going to be a little longer than I thought. Every morning before school I had to make sure I had 2 things that would last throughout my day: batteries and headphones. Without these two essential items the day was shot. Man I'd take the batteries from remotes and use tape to keep headphones together just to make sure my day was cool. (The goodness comes after the jump…)

Man I used to be @ Tower Records religously trying to cop new singles, old tapes, whatever to make a new tape. Once cds came into play it was the same thing, more music to make more tapes. Don't get me started on staying up for those late night mix shOws to catch Apaches “Gangsta B*tch”, WHAT!!

But see the mixtape it self was where the young DJ in myself was born. Picking the right cuts that weren't on the album because they were quality and not because I was anti-radio cut. Making sure I left enough space between songs to feel like a real album and using intros and outros from albums, other mixtapes, etc. made me really feel like I was doing something. Making mixtapes for the homies and the 8th grade jumpoff I made for a female were crowning achievements for a young Rome (she was feelin it more than me).

Now in the '06 you can get any and every mixtape you want of every genre from baile funk to english punk. Its a good thing for the medium to be so crucial to music today as it was to me more than a decade go. Go back and find those old dusty maxell tapes with the little tape name u gave it on that red and white sticker. The DJ in all of us will come alive again.