The Legendary KO – 48 Seasons

by Winston "Stone" Ford


The Legendary KO“48 Seasons Sampler”
from 48 Seasons

Also: C.I.G.A.C Mixtape (featuring “George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People,” “Gasoline Huh,” and “Closet Racist”)

In 2005, KO (K-Otix) took on the President, the oil companies, and racist Republicans. It's not a coincidence that their promotional material has a presidential look to it.

But in '06, the Houston-based crew hopes to known for more than just anti-Bush MP3's. In fact, they've been on the grind for over a decade, opening for such acts as Outkast, The Roots, Common, Busta Rhymes, and De La Soul. From this sampler, I'm thinking that 48 Seasons might be one of the hottest underground CD's of the year, not only because of its amazing lyricism and message, but also because their beats are on point as well.

In '06, KO can show America that there is more coming out of Houston than the Paul Wall and Mike Jones.

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